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Israel's first lunar spacecraft, aptly named "Beresheet" ("in the beginning") has taken Israeli and Judaism much farther than ever before. 

Beresheet is led by a team of three young Israeli engineers who formed the team "SpaceIL." 


The Beresheet is expected to land on the moon on April 11th. If successful, Israel will become the fourth nation in history to land on the moon, preceded only by three superpowers: the US, the USSR, and China.

Come celebrate with us!

We will celebrate this spirited endeavor on Sunday, April 14th, from 3 PM to 5PM, with family engagements and flash 10-minute talks on science and Judaism, and much more.  


Sunday, April 14th.


3:00 PM – 5:00 PM.


The Bender JCC of Greater Washington, 6125 Montrose Rd., Rockville, MD.


Science/Art/Judaism fair.​

Intended audience:

The general public.


Ten-minute flash talk schedule*:

​·         3:10 - Lunar exploration - why and how?

·         3:30 – Seeing the moon in prayers 

·         3:50 – Space travel health issues 

·         4:10 – SpaceIL – the mission so far 

·         4:30 – When we walked on the moon - the Apollo program 

No science/art experience or skills are required.

NB: JeSSI offers an inclusive experience, and is open to participants of all ethnicities, faiths, and backgrounds. 


$10 per visitor aged five or older (Register here)


* Talks and activities may be changed or cancelled without notice.