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Webinar: The Missing Moon on Tu BiShvat
Webinar time:
Tuesday,  January 17th, 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM (EST)
Lunar eclipse time:
January 20th-21st, 9:36 PM - 2:48 AM (EST)

Download here:

The Tu BiShvat lunar eclipse information sheet 

Webinar description

In this webinar, The Missing Moon on Tu Bishvat, JeSSI founder Ted Avraham and advisory board chair Shari Asplund will share research on and strategies for connecting STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/ Math), the Arts, and Tu BiShvat. Discover tested engagement strategies for fitting STEAM into the Jewish-ed learning space and collaborating to develop a STEAM-integrated Tu BiShvat activity, as well as tips for managing knowledge discrepancies among staff and students.(Lunar eclipse photo: Robert Wiedemann.)


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Hosts Bio

Shari Asplund

Shari Asplund is the former Education and Communications Manager for NASA’s Discovery and New Frontiers Programs of solar system exploration missions. Working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, she joined the innovative Discovery Program when it was created in 1999, working to connect students, teachers, and the public with these exciting space investigations through a variety of means, including websites, newsletters, educator workshops, public events, and social media. She worked with educators to develop engaging resources, emphasizing adding the arts to Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM). Shari played a key role in developing three creative, successful STEAM programs, “Space School Musical,” “Art & the Cosmic Connection,” and “Shoebox Rovers.”

Shari produced an award-winning video overview of the Discovery Program, “Unlocking the Mysteries.” She provided leadership among her peers to bring NASA science content into out-of-school time programs nationwide by providing materials and training leaders. Shari had a key role in bringing together 15 NASA educators and 40 Native American elders in two week-long sessions called “One Earth, One Universe,” to create a community among western and Native scientists and educators and bring about a better understanding of the other’s point of view. In 2017, she was awarded NASA’s Exceptional Public Service Medal.

Shari grew up in a small Nebraska Jewish community. Shari graduated from the University of Nebraska with a BA in Journalism. Recently, Shari re-connected with her Jewish heritage and has joined JeSSI to share her personal and professional experiences. She and her husband, Nils, live in Southern California.







Ted Avraham

Ted is an educational entrepreneur. Ted began his education career in 1995, popularizing space science in Israel. Ted’s community outreach developed an entrepreneurial component as he began to custom-tailor outreach programs for several subsets of the Israeli public. Ted’s outreach career coexisted alongside his IDF service and ten-years-long career in Geographic Information Systems. In 2008, Ted turned his passion into a full-time job and led school-wide space science programs in Israeli schools, spanning age groups from kindergarten to 10th grade. Ted consulted with the Israeli Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science, and the Israeli Space Agency, and participated in a student-satellite project. In the US, Ted was admitted to NASA’s prestigious Solar Systems Ambassadors outreach program, receiving two NASA awards. Through the program, he has gained local eye-opening educational and entrepreneurship experience. Ted has also developed and led a science-enrichment program for the Israeli American Council, DC branch. Ted has presented his educational and research work at international conferences in Israel, Beijing, Toronto, and the US.

Ted has BA in Geography and Mandarin Chinese from the University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia, and an MA in Science Education from Tel Aviv University, Israel. He is married to Frida, a bioinformation researcher, and is a father of two boys.



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